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Operating Microscope


Prima ENT Microscope

  • ENT clinical and surgical routines

  • LED coaxial illumination system over 100,000 Lux run time of up to 60,000 hours 

  • Crystal clear Apochromatic optical system

  • The Prima ENT microscope stands apart as a smart choice.

  • In-line digital solution


Operating Microscope

Labomed® Magna Microscope

  • A brilliantly designed electromagnetic brake system

  • Automatic Balancing Arm (ABA) that gives users 360 degrees of freedom in positioning

  • Apochromatic premium optics 

  • zoom continuous  system

  • MaxLite™ coatings reflection-free, durable optics, ensuring the highest resolution

  •  The NuVar™ variable working distance objective (f300-f400mm) comes standard

  • super bright LED illumination (over 100,000 lux) for up to 60,000 hours.

  • Yellow and Green Built-in Filters

  • Digital in line documentation and communicating treatment 

Prima DNT Microscope

  • A New Standard modular design for Dental professional operating microscopes

  • A super bright LED delivers over 100,000 Lux up to 60,000 hours Built-in 

  • Apochromatic optical system artifact-free images for excellent clarity 

  • MaxLite™ coatings reflection-free

  • NuVar™ objective focal range of f300-400mm working distance

  • Digital  in-line documentation and communicating treatment

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